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Its SWEATER WEATHER! but, we are looking ahead to spring!

Bridgette Eason

one of our fave times of the year.. well, besides the Holidays, or Summa Summa Time.. what can I say? we love any time of the year that we can change up our fashion!

I've been shopping for new styles and trends that will be big for spring '19 and i hope you guys like stripes, cause there will be stripes! lots of variegated stripes.. multi color and multi width.. which honestly is probably for the best. and as you all know, I am extremely selective on what we get for Essential Frills.. I want to make sure that we are getting items you ladies will love to wear, feel comfortable in, as well as what we will look great in! 

Lots of the sweaters we have in now, will EASILY go into spring, and as always layers are the way to go.. especially around Arkansas.. its 65 today, and we're expecting sleet/mix in a couple days.. just stick around a while, if you don't like the weather, it'll change :)


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