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Brow Powder


if a pencil is not your friend, but you need a little more brow, the powder is your perfect fit! this is the most natural way to fill in sparse brows.. keep it soft and natural.  available in 4 shades. 

Blonde- for you really FAIR skin ladies with LIGHT hair. especially made to be soft and subtle.

Ash Brown - I love the fact that this is a soft NEUTRAL light brown.. if you have trouble with your makeup turning orange or red, this one is a cool neutral and will keep its color! dirty blonde to light brown hair is the best to wear this color.

Golden Brown - hey red heads! (and you strawberry blondes..) this is a warm, soft brown to match your warm hair tone! its soft enough, and still a brown, so you wont have orange brows... 

Brunette - dark brown to black hair, yep, this one is for you! wear it proud!


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