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Essential Frills

Original Essential Gift Box

Original Essential Gift Box

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We all love our surprise subscription boxes.. but this is a one timer 🤩 Such a fun way to get a feel good box for yourself, give as a gift, and support our local business!

Just pick your level and I'll pick your items! 

✍ LEAVE A NOTE AT CHECKOUT so we can pick your perfect treats! If its for you, or as a gift!

Stuff like: What size Tshirt do you wear? Love Makeup? Dainty or Bold Jewelry?  Fave color, Hobbies and such.. GO WITH YOUR GUT..don't over think it. we've got u :)

What the levels typically include:

$25 - jewelry, hair ties/scruchies, face masks, and other lil goodies..

$50 - some of the above accessories that coordinate with a top/kimono

$75-$150 -  just about a complete outfit with the jewelry and more makeup to go with it.

Again, these boxes are each custom made for you, so leave the note at checkout :) 

Thank you again for supporting my small business ❤

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